CBS on Online Dating Scams and Picture Stealing

(Online Dating Information)  CBS News has put up a video on how scammers are stealing pictures, posting fake profiles, then stealing thousands of dollars from victims who are scammed. A man named Robert Frost has had his picture stolen and used on hundreds of online dating services to make victims fall in love then scam them out of money. Here’s the report


  1. The poor grammar and misspelled words thing I would hardly associate with identity thieves since we live in a time where most of our society has a cell phone and texts, and usually with abbreviations, slang, acronyms, etc. In fact, I’ve gotten poked fun at in the past for actually being one of the few people I know who actually bother using proper grammar and spelling when sending texts and emails to friends and family. So the only one of those things mentioned as signs of an ID thief that would send out a red flag in my opinion, is asking for money.

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