Is Online Dating Growing While the Economy is Shrinking?

An expert at online dating service is claiming that the online dating industry is growing while the U.S. economy continues in downward slump.

“One of the hardest emotional feelings is being in the midst of bad news by yourself,” says Dr. Pepper Schwartz, chief relationship expert for leading dating site “We are all generally better as a team and appreciate someone who shares our values, goals and lifestyle, and that’s why we’ve seen increased traffic to top dating sites in the current economic climate.”

The theory is that people seek out love more in times of need in order not to go through rough patches alone. It’s a lot like online dating sites picking up business before the holidays – people want to be with someone.

Online Dating Magazine, however, hasn’t seen the growth throughout the industry that is reporting. Online Dating Magazine’s reasoning is that many online dating services are cutting back on advertising budgets and more users are turning to MySpace and free online dating services to find love without paying $30+ a month.

Online Dating Magazine says that services will have to improve the consumer experience in order to justify the expenses during the economic downturn. This means better customer service, more specials, and fewer Better Business Bureau complaints.