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Love Bitten Online Dating Commercial

This is a spoof of the former commercials that would stamp “Rejected by eHarmony” across the screen. This one is courtesy of HBO…

Seniors Dating – Interview with Dr. James Houran

(Online Dating Information) One of the largest growing segments of online daters is seniors and baby boomers. With thousands more trying online dating every day, Dr. Michael Brickey of Ageless Lifestyle Radio interviewed Online Dating Magazine columnist Dr. James Houran about what seniors should look for when getting into online dating. You can hear the interview by clicking the play button below:

CBS on Online Dating Scams and Picture Stealing

(Online Dating Information)¬† CBS News has put up a video on how scammers are stealing pictures, posting fake profiles, then stealing thousands of dollars from victims who are scammed. A man named Robert Frost has had his picture stolen and used on hundreds of online dating services to make victims fall in love then scam them out of money. Here’s the report

Online Dating Body Type – What Do You Check?

(Online Dating Information) Virtually every online dating service on the Web requires users to check a “body type”. Many have up to a dozen options to choose from. The big question is what body type do you choose and what do they all mean? Perhaps this video will help…

Online Dating Standup Comedy – Brian Boshes

(Online Dating Information) This standup comedy routine is done by Brian Boshes who talks about his recent experiences with online dating…

Online Dating Stand Up Comedy – Sue Funke

(Online Dating Information) This online dating stand up comedy routine is by Sue Funke who talks about and her experience at trying to get matched with the man of her dreams.

Internet Dating Tips Video

(Online Dating Information) This is one of the best Internet dating tip videos we’ve seen because of the production value and writing. This Internet Dating video is presented as a movie, but with valuable advice for online daters and singles looking for love online…

Look Good in Pictures – Carson from Queer Eye

(Online Dating Information) Remember Carson from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? Well now he’s giving some good advice about your onilne dating photos…

Internet Dating Song

Here it is – the Internet Dating¬† Song that finally reveals all the truths of chatrooms and the people you’re talking to online. This is the Internet Dating Song, written and performed by Kim Townsend…

Tall, Dark, and Handsome May Be Scammer and Fraud

(Online Dating Information) One of the biggest warning flags when communicating with someone is if they tell you they are working, living, or vacationing in Nigeria. Skilled scammers frequent online dating services looking to form a “relationship” with someone then relieve them of their money. It happens every day. A recent incident was reported by the Nashville Scene. From the paper:

“…But right now, he’s wooing you with his life story, the promise of far-flung locales and his favorite Van Morrison song, “Someone Like You.” Over the next few months, he’ll wake you up with romantic text messages and instant message you all day long. He’ll ask about your day, laugh at all your jokes, and make you feel like the only woman in the world. You’ll burn the midnight oil on the phone at night, where you’ll learn about his dead parents, his inheritance managed by a stingy aunt, his passion for architecture, and his dreams of marriage and children. It all fits together with cinematic significance.

But one day, after weeks of romancing, he calls you, frantic. He’s trying to ship some antiques out of the country and the export fees are exorbitant, but he’s a little strapped for cash…”

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Our Take

One of the reasons Online Dating Information opened a Safety section is to keep online daters aware of the various scams out there. By being aware, you can avoid falling into a trap that will break both your bank account and your heart.